STL 172: You’re using your chisels wrong

The phrase ‘modern’ indicates relating to the current, so after we chat about present day houses, we seek advice from those that are crafted according to your most current traits. The modern motion in architecture began within the early many years of the twentieth century. It was conceived as an opposition for the overused antiquated designs, which were being characterised by elaborate ornamentation. Designers of the time seemed for methods to create architecture simpler. This resulted in progressive kinds of development making use of new materials, including concrete, steel and glass. At present, there is certainly an infinite range of layouts of modern residences. Nevertheless, they're all according to the common concepts of simplicity, features, magnificence plus the lack of ornamentation. The wonder of the present day property lies in its unpretentious layout.

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Mike, John, and Ben discuss chisel technique, working in multiple shop spaces, favorite techniques, and finally answer a question about spoon carving