STL 178: To Glue One Edge or Two?

The phrase ‘modern’ usually means relating to the present, so when we converse about modern day homes, we confer with the ones that are constructed according into the most up-to-date developments. The trendy movement in architecture commenced inside the early many years of your twentieth century. It had been conceived as an opposition on the overused antiquated models, which ended up characterized by elaborate ornamentation. Designers of the time looked for ways to create architecture less difficult. This resulted in impressive sorts of building making use of new materials, for instance concrete, steel and glass. At this time, there exists an infinite a number of patterns of modern homes. Having said that, these are all according to the prevalent concepts of simplicity, functionality, elegance as well as lack of ornamentation. The beauty of the modern day property lies in its unpretentious design and style.

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Mike and Ben talk with Bob Van Dyke about stropping, acclimating wood, jointer safety, glue ups, and their all-time favorite techniques