Top 10 COOLEST House Interior Design Features You Won’t Believe Exist

The phrase ‘modern’ signifies concerning the present, so whenever we speak about contemporary houses, we refer to the ones that are designed according to the newest developments. The modern movement in architecture started in the early a long time with the twentieth century. It absolutely was conceived being an opposition to the overused antiquated kinds, which had been characterised by elaborate ornamentation. Designers with the time seemed for ways to help make architecture easier. This resulted in ground breaking kinds of building making use of new supplies, such as concrete, metallic and glass. At the moment, there is an infinite assortment of designs of modern residences. On the other hand, they are really all according to the typical principles of simplicity, operation, magnificence as well as lack of ornamentation. The sweetness of a modern-day residence lies in its unpretentious design.

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Most houses are defined by their commonalities but there are 10 amazing and interesting design features we think every house should have.
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Featuring… Treehouses and Skate Parks – What’s cooler than being able to bring the skateboard park home with you? That’s the impetus behind Tokyo based design studio LEVEL who installed a small skate park.Waterfalls – They’re possibly one of the most mesmerising and relaxing things to look at and hear, so why not put a waterfall into your house. Slides – Walking up and down stairs takes time and ask yourself, would you rather walk down stairs or slit on your bum and slide down the same distance? I rest my case. Glass Floors and Walls – Glass tends to be a staple material for office buildings, so why not as a residential option? More and more people seem to have picked up on the amazing potential of working with glass. Underground Parking – Taking their cue from James Bonds movies, a number of companies, including a Swiss-based design firm out of Geneva, have managed to bring vertical parking into reality. Moss/Rock Walls – What better way to spice up your home and make it feel like your own than to upgrade its environmental impact? Pet Transit Systems – If you’re wrinkling your brow at this one, don’t worry – so did we at first. Musical Walls – Known as the Court of Water, this funky Dresden art installation slash building design is the product of eclectic architect and artist Heike Bottcher who built the blue Rube Goldberg-esque wall in 1999 for the Kunsthof Passage farm collective. Hidden Rooms – If you were anything like me growing up, you lamented the fact that your house didn’t have a secret room that could only be accessed through a hidden door in the form of a bookcase. 3D Epoxy Floors – There are a whole bunch of options to choose from when it comes to flooring for your home – from wood and tile to laminate and even rubber, the list goes on and on.